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"My work is my world. Always drawing inspiration from ​nature, I strive to give my all to every project. All of ​creation is already designed so perfectly, making it the ​best resource to mimic and build atmospheres that affect ​us in deep ways. These interior spaces are just as ​important and meaningful as time spent outdoors. I want ​to bring these concepts into your home. It makes all the ​difference to be able to breathe life into these che​rished sp​aces."

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Sample work

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Good design is in the details!​

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Mixing the old with the new...

I love a good challenge when it comes to utilizing ​existing furnishings and sentimental heirlooms into ​a design. Sometimes all it takes is a hardware ​upgrade or some added modern touches to give a ​fresh perspective to a space.

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Sourcing Textiles

The search for home renovation products can be overwhelming to say the least.

Let MOSS + KEY DESIGNS do it for you.

The Process

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Vision Boards

A design starts with an inspiration, ​or a concept based on the ​individual client's preferences and ​room function. A vision board is ​then created to visualize the

design direction for the space​.

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3D Renderings

A visual model may be generate​d to determine space planning and f​inal purchasing decisi​ons.

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The client is included throughout ​the design process, in order to ​reach an outcome that is custom ​to the individual.


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Kitchen Design

Specializing in kitchen layouts and design, I ​am able to work with a cabinet vendor of your ​choosing.

Interior Decorating

If you have a new build, remodel project ​or want to freshen up an existing space, I ​can assist with the overwhelming search ​for home textiles and/or furnishings. A ​plan to better utilize a space for design ​and functionality is ​also a service option.

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breathing life into

cherished spaces.

Let's work together!

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MOSS + KEY DESIGNS has had the privilege of working with some exceptional tradesman. In the spirit ​of supporting fellow business owners here is a list of resources that come highly recommended...